Our beloved Patches*, a colorful unicorn, known for purity of idea and grace under pressure. It is said that her horn has magical powers that can render poisoned water potable and heal ailing IT infrastructure. Patches is from the mythical land of Clarity and is on a quest to return to her home. Her journey is weighed down by a great burden - the knowledge of technical debt - and she must address this technical debt before she can return to Clarity. Patches' journey home was delayed when she fell into a boggy mire-like swamp where she must reify an abstract concept, incur a form of interest, define system complexity, trace back action to the system, isolate bad quality from technical debit itself, redesign system architecture, make code matter, grapple with no absolute measure, and accommodate the future evolution of the system. Patches is determined and with the help of her determined and talented friends she knows she can complete her quest and get back to Clarity.

Site Manager & Data Practioner

Jesse C. Wright is the Technology Director of SJ Technologies and former Naval Officer. At SJ Technologies, Jesse directs research and development in AI techniques, Machine Learning algorithms, and Data Science for the Navy and other DoD customers. His experiences in process engineering, computer science, and data science are diverse and have focused on oil & gas, healthcare, financial institutions, and large online aggregators. He has worked on data science projects for Military Sealift Command ship maintenance programs, equipment condition connectivity and monitoring for a major DOD shipyard, and the design / build of Navy Secure Cloud Computing Architecture to demonstrate secure and economical utilization of the cloud (AWS). Prior to working at SJ, Jesse applied his data warehouse and algorithm development expertise as a Technical Director at PrimeStreet and Homes.com, respectively. His data science team was responsible for large-scale data analysis using AWS/Azure Apache Spark clusters. The data analytics team was responsible for managing a data warehouse with reporting, tracking all events utilizing Kafka and Spark Streaming, and development of Google TensorFlow products.

Jesse’s educational background includes an MS in Computer Science from Old Dominion University and an MS in Chemical Engineering from The University of Toledo. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree at Michigan State University in Chemical Engineering.

*Special thanks to Chris Brossman for ideas on Patches and the name.